The Run Report

In 2016-17, inspired by my friend Geoff, I completed all 49 London Parkruns. I’m now on ‘lap two’, sharing some more detailed reports on each of the Parkruns, hopefully providing some tips for people like me that run both for fun, but also the challenge of trying to beat your own personal best.

For each Parkrun I visit, I give a description of the course with my view of any particularly challenging sections; the accessibility of the course; the facilities, and any other information that might be useful. I also provide a few stats, including:

  • The number of times I’ve run the course
  • My best time
  • My best position

Plus a rating from 1-4 (4 = easiest; 1 = hardest) covering:

  • Surface (4: tarmac; 3: track; 2: field; 1: cross-country)
  • Flatness (4: flat; 3: inclines; 2: undulating; 1: hilly)
  • Nearest TFL Station (4: <5 mins; 3: 5-10 mins; 2: 10-20 mins; 1: >20 mins)
  • Facilities: (4: cafe at the course; 3: cafe near the course; 2: toilets only; 1: none)
  • PB potential (4: High; 3: Medium; 2: Low; 1: No chance!)



All the London Parkruns

Beckenham Place


Crystal Palace

Hilly Fields