My Gay Best Friend

Just a brief post today, to encourage anyone who is able to get down to Brighton during the Fringe to go and see My Gay Best Friend written and performed by Nigel Fairs and Louise Jameson.

The venue, Upstairs at Three and Ten, is intimate, and the performances make use of this to connect directly with the audience. We are the silent third in a play that explores how difficult it can be to actually talk to each other. Both Rachel (Jameson) and Gavin (Fairs) have chosen to lock themselves up in different ways in closets – both literally and metaphorically – hinting at upsetting events in their own pasts, but preferring to talk round everything but the point, often in hilariously coarse language

But then there’s a moment about two thirds of the way through that is suddenly shocking in its directness: a revelation that changes the tone of the play just as it changed the relationship between Rachel and Gavin. From this point on, the humour is coloured by sorrow and regret. And although you’re likely to leave the theatre smiling, you might also be mindful not to leave conversations too late.

I loved it, and I hope it gets a deserved run nationally later this year. In the meantime, you can see it at Upstairs at Three and Ten every Sunday at 18:45 until 27th May.


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