He’s back – and it’s about time…

So, three months into 2013 and I’m finally getting round to my New Year’s resolution to keep this blog regularly updated. In the next few weeks I’ll be adding my final batch of Doctor Who in the 1980s reviews (covering the McCoy years). And over at 50 Years, 50 Stories I’ll be doing my bit for the golden anniversary.

The idea behind the other blog is that in the lead up to Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary in November 2013, I’ll pick one story per post. The gimmick is that I’ll pick a story from each of those 50 years – the only criteria being that the story has to have been first broadcast (or published) in the year in question. The overall aim is to try to identify, through choosing one story to represent each year, how Doctor Who has changed and developed over that time, what the main milestones have been, and which innovations have helped the show survive 50 years. The first two posts – covering 1963 and 1964 – are up now, so please take a look and let me know what you think.


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