Doctor Who episode 97: The Feast of Steven (25/12/1965)

  • Doctor Who‘s first Christmas episode begins with the police in festive mood – and the TARDIS arriving in various TV and film locations
  • If it wasn’t obvious this was a comedy episode we’re not left in any doubt for long: ‘I’ve got a complaint’ – ‘Well the doctor’s just round the corner’ followed by some tiresome business about a stolen greenhouse, and Steven entering dressed as a policeman with a Scouse accent
  • ‘I’m a citizen of the universe – and a gentleman to boot,’ is one of the great Doctor quotes, and Hartnell delivers it with obvious delight
  • Funniest moment:
    • Doctor: What’s all this funny accent?
    • Steven: Everyone else is doing it
  • Having escaped Z Cars‘ finest, there’s a brief reminder of the Dalek plot before the TARDIS arrives in Silent Movie Hollywood for a lot of running about
  • A very silly, and not especially funny episode which probably only made sense as part of the Christmas Day 1965 BBC1 line-up. It’s fine, but I expect Verity Lambert and Dennis Spooner would have made more of it

Next episode: Volcano



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