Doctor Who: Attack of the Graske (25/12/2005)

‘Reckon you could hack it as my companion?’ This is a lovely, basic interactive game pitched at a younger audience that lets the player take the role of the 10th Doctor’s temporary companion (Rose is at an ABBA concert in 1979), and gives viewers their first proper glimpse of the fully-regenerated Doctor at the controls of the TARDIS, dashing about as you, the player, use your TV remote control (linked to the sonic screwdriver) to locate the Graske’s victims, track the evil alien through time and break into its cryogenic vault to free its captives.

Moving from a British living room on Christmas Day, to a Victorian Christmas, to a frosty alien warehouse the wintery setting is neatly incorporated across all of time and space, reinforced by the Graske itself looking like an extra-terrestrial Santa’s elf gone bad. Oh, and there’s a bonus Slitheen that looks better than in the parent show.

Just as the end of Series One and The Christmas Invasion laid the groundwork for Torchwood (introducing the name, Jack, and their mysterious relationship to the UN and the UK government), so there’s a sense that between this and School Reunion, early Series Two is paving the way for The Sarah Jane Adventures. It’s good fun. My only criticism is that the opening credits should have read “DAVID TENNANT” and then “YOU”.


Next Time: New Earth


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