Doctor Who: Music of the Spheres (27/7/2008)

‘Oi, get out of my TARDIS!’ A sweet scene written for the 2008 Proms, with the Doctor interacting with an audience of fans and families. The plot – a Graske invades the TARDIS to discover the Doctor composing a symphony based on the movement of planets, as a pretext for escaping to cause havoc on Earth – is essentially a pretext for Tennant to communicate directly with the audience.

The real joy of this isn’t so much the scene itself, but the reactions of the children in the Royal Albert Hall, genuinely delighted to be part of an adventure with the Doctor; a reminder of the series at the height of its powers, beloved and appealing to the widest audience. The message, too, is one of accessibility, that anyone can make music. The result is the show at its most egalitarian, unimaginably more than “cult TV”.

Music of the Spheres

Dr Who will return in The Next Doctor

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