The Sarah Jane Adventures: From Raxacoricofallapatorius, With Love (13/3/2009)

‘I think that was the most bizarre five minutes of my life.’ A Comic Relief episode, although it more or less functions like some of Series Two proper with a comedy legend menacing the Bannerman Road gang. Ronnie Corbett gets wonderfully into the spirit of it, and everyone just stands back to watch him do his thing as he cracks jokes about ‘the two Ranis’, name drops Brucie and Tarbuck, and begins one his infamous anecdotes nestled in a leather chair. Even the fart gags don’t seem out of place. K9 being clamped and then getting a Red Nose is adorable, as is Sarah Jane’s rousing declaration that they ‘save the world from an attic in Ealing.’ My only regret is that Corbett didn’t get to deliver a proper monologue.

From Rax With Love

Sarah Jane will return in Prisoner of the Judoon

Next Time: Planet of the Dead



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