The Sarah Jane Adventures episode 25: Prisoner of the Judoon – Part Two (16/10/2009)

‘Sarah Jane really does have a habit of meddling. It’s a pity she didn’t take up knitting instead.’ As usual, the second episode is a bit less interesting than the first, and I’m not entirely sold on the benefits of swapping a deserted and condemned council estate for the hi-tech surroundings of the nanoform factory. But this is fun enough, particularly the sub-plot of the Chandras coming face to face with the Judoon (Gita’s curtsey is peerless).

SJA Prisoner Judoon 2

This is the comic relief in a story that’s unusually dour for a Sarah Jane Adventure, with Androvax revealed as the last survivor of a dead planet, who has become nihilistic and destructive because he saw everything he loved destroyed. Like last series’ Martin Trueman and Paul Langer, he’s not entirely without sympathy, even if Sarah is keen to emphasise the universe is more wonderful than it is terrible.

Elsewhere, this seeds the Roswell Crash and USAF Dreamland Base ahead of the release of the next Doctor Who animation. The recreated Roswell spaceship and voracious nanoforms look pretty good. This time, unusually, it’s the Judoon prosthetics that aren’t quite right, with Tybo’s eye holes too obvious.

Next Time: The Mad Woman in the Attic


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