The Sarah Jane Adventures episode 37: The Nightmare Man – Part Two (12/10/2010)

‘Don’t forget me, will you.’ This effectively explores the worst fears of Rani and Clyde. Rani’s nightmare is to be a gutter journalist, forced to present the news without knowing what she’s doing or going to say. Clyde’s is to be left behind, in a dead-end job. Meanwhile, Sarah Jane pulls on all her resources, and Mr Smith and K9 join forces to contact Luke in the dreamworld. In a genius stroke, without needing to banish Sarah Jane to the realm of nightmares, we get a glimpse of what her worst fear – a senile, bitter, lonely old woman – might look like.

The result is an episode that makes the most of the whole company, where victory is achieved by them all working together. It’s a great choice, given this is the end of the line for this line-up, as Luke and K9 pull away from Bannerman Road for adventures of their own. Julian Bleach and Doon Mackichan lift it further: Bleach’s spiky performance is memorably odd and unsettling, and Mackichan’s cold command is an effective shorthand for a journalist who’s lost any sense of integrity in the pursuit of sensation. This is superb.

SJA Nightmare Man 2

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