The Sarah Jane Adventures episode 45: Lost in Time – Part Two (9/11/2010)

‘The sands of time have run out, Captain. They have failed in their missions, all is lost.’ The only downside of telling three stories in one is that each is necessarily slight on plot – but not on adventure or character. Rani foils the assassination attempt on Jane. Clyde confounds the Nazis. Sarah Jane and Emily work out a way to rescue the doomed children across the centuries. The last-minute complication of a missing piece of chronosteel is resolved by Emily’s granddaughter, and the Earth is saved.

The theme that connects them is “inspiration”. Rani inspires Jane to go to her death bravely, confident that her soul and reputation will be immortal. Clyde’s 1940s friend George is inspired to join the army, and become a radar engineer, continuing to defend his island nation. Sarah Jane inspired Emily, who in turn inspired her granddaughter, and so many others, to follow in her footsteps, and to keep, Blink style, an appointment with destiny.

The final scenes where Clyde and Rani research the fates of their friends are superb, and this continues the sense of a fourth series firing on all cylinders. What a shame the Captain and his agent (a very Guardian-ish way of working: surely the White Guardian should have worn a parrot hat in Enlightenment) never got a follow-up to face off against the Trickster.

SJA Lost in Time 2

Next Time: Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith

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