Doctor Who: Space/Time (18/3/2011)

‘Pond, put some trousers on.’ A Doctor Who comedy about upskirting. So, that’s a thing. Six minutes objectifying Amy, as Rory explains how she flashed her way through passing her driving test before a quick glance at her naughty bits makes him drop something important leading into a sketch that’s one part Logopolis to two parts Meglos. As this sex-crazed crew act their way through a chronic hysteresis, Amy fancies herself and Rory imagines what two wives could do for him, before it all ends with the woman being told to dress appropriately around men. I know it’s a sketch, and it did some tangible good raising money for Comic Relief, but this is Time Crash with awful sexual politics. Avoid.

Space and Time

Next Time: The Impossible Astronaut

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