Doctor Who: Death is the Only Answer (1/10/2011)

‘A genius like me needs better than this old trash.’ A four-minute children’s scriptwriting competition winner starring Matt Smith and Nickolas Grace. Seen as a story it barely makes sense – the Doctor drops a fez through a time window (very Day of the Doctor, that) and Albert Einstein picks it up and appears in the TARDIS, turns into an Ood with a terrifying message (‘Death is the only answer’), then turns back when he walks into a squiggly energy field. Meanwhile, a green slime creature crawls towards the console like the Master’s jellied snake from the TV Movie. Baffling, although still more coherent than most of Series Six (I jest).

However, I think this should be watched like one of those teaser preludes that ran before a few Series Six episodes, such as The Wedding of River Song. Viewed through that lens, it’s pretty effective. You could imagine it leading into a longer episode with the Ood, Einstein and the end of time itself. I’d watch it. Well done, children of Oakley CE Junior School. I hope you’ve all grown up to be the Moffats and Davies of tomorrow.

Death is the Only Answer

Dr Who will return in The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe

Next Time: Sky – Part One


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