The Sarah Jane Adventures episode 49: Sky – Part Two (4/10/2011)

‘It was supposed to make her laugh. Boy, does this feel familiar.’ Everyone has to explain things to Sky in a very simple way, which has the effect of making this feel much more simplistic than the previous series. And knowing that Sky’s adventures will end in four episodes’ time makes it hard to invest much in her as a character. As a result, this is only mildly entertaining as we wait, once again, for the Bannerman Road gang to reconvene at a factory and get everyone to play nice.

You can see hints of the direction a refreshed series might take. This sets up Rani’s relationship with Sky as a kind of female mirror to Clyde’s with Luke, as Rani has to explain what a ‘girl’ is. I imagine this would mean Clyde got more opportunities to pair up with Sarah Jane – a good move, as they’ve worked well together in previous series. And bringing back the Captain and the Shopkeeper from Lost in Time, making them the ones behind Sky’s placement with Sarah Jane, sets up a greater purpose to this new adoptive relationship beyond the mother/son bond Sarah has with Luke.

SJA Sky 2

Next Time: The Curse of Clyde Langer


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