Doctor Who: Friend from the Future (23/4/2016)

‘We need to get back to the future – 2017 needs us!’ Broadcast, surprisingly, during Match of the Day, this two-minute scene introduces Bill Potts, the first new companion since 2012, while throwing in Daleks, explosions and jokes about suckers.

Promisingly, Bill has something Donna-ish about her, especially when she remarks of one of the Doctor’s answers, ‘that’s not explaining, that’s just saying a word’. It’s a brief scene, and the lines as written could easily have been performed by Karen Gillan or Jenna Coleman – but Pearl Mackie brings a winning mix of vulnerability, humour and thoughtfulness to them (I like how she considers the Doctor’s suggestion that they don’t really want the Daleks saving time saying ‘kill’ instead of ‘exterminate’).

I like how the whole scene is so back to basics. There’s no brooding introspection (there’s no time for any) – it starts and ends with the Doctor and Bill running away from the Daleks. It’s funny and fast, and made me very hopeful for 2017. Which was surely exactly the point.

Next Time: For Tonight We Might Die

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