The Sarah Jane Adventures episode 31: The Eternity Trap – Part Two (6/11/2009)

‘It’s a super-spook smack-down.’ Probably the limpest Sarah Jane Adventure yet, as it lacks either the emotional punch of something like The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, or the comic action of Prisoner of the Judoon. The result has the requisite amount of running round, but not much more going for it. Principally, there aren’t the jump scares or haunting moments that would make this an effective chiller even for kids.

As if sensing this is a bit of a damp squib, several of the performers try to inject some life with what might charitably be called “larger than life” turns. Adam Gillen spends the whole story squeaking out his lines while looking like he’s trying to swallow a fly. Donald Sumpter reaches Graham Crowden levels of OTT as he flounces through corridors with a flick of his dress, declaring, ‘You disappoint me, Sarah Jane Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeth.’ Most of the climax consists of a ponce in a periwig failing to match Sumpter’s scenery chewing, while our heroes watch from the sidelines. It’s not usually a good sign when the kids don’t seem relevant to the climax. I don’t think this one works.

SJ EternityTrap 2

Next Time: Mona Lisa’s Revenge


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