The Sarah Jane Adventures episode 32: Mona Lisa’s Revenge – Part One (12/11/2009)

‘Before I met Luke, who was I? A lonely, frosty woman in the big house who knew more about creatures from outer space than she did humans.’ This is more like it, a script that balances Luke and Sarah Jane’s evolving relationships, as they explore the reality of the relationship between parents and young adults, while also having to deal with the Mona Lisa stepping out of her frame and going on a rampage.

I can’t remember Clyde’s artistic talents having been much commented on previously, but here they’re established up front as he draws K9 like one of his French girls before Haresh announces he’s won an art competition with what looks like the cover of a New Adventure circa 1995. It’s all preamble to get the Park Vale students inside the International Gallery and face to face with the Mona Lisa herself. Suranne Jones is great casting, playing Mona Lisa as over-the-top as Sumpter did Darkening, but the difference is this is written as a comedy and the performance seems more appropriate.

Like looking at a painting, I admire the little details in this – the link back to the ‘Cup of Athelstan fiasco’ from Planet of the Dead, Sarah Jane’s reaction to the amusing data profile of Miss Trupp, and Sarah Jane’s look in general: ruffled shirt and tailored jacket, she’s rocking the Jon Pertwee style. The cliffhanger might replay the Doctor’s fate in Fear Her, but it’s really nicely done.

SJA MonaLisa1

Next Time: Mona Lisa’s Revenge – Part Two


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